Successful author; Social Media Influencer

As a role model for her generation, Robertson shares messages of hope through her writing, Live Original tours, social platforms, and media appearances. Robertson’s podcast, “WHOA, That’s Good,” reached over a million downloads after just 15 episodes, his blog has reached over 2 million people in over 195 countries, and his Instagram posts hit 3.3 millions. Robertson’s entrepreneurial spirit and flair for fashion have led her to develop a line of party dresses with designer Sheri Hill and new garments for her Live Original brand. Committed to philanthropy, she launched a campaign to inspire her generation to make a difference. 

His current focus is ending world hunger in partnership with organizations, including World Vision. His books, “Live Original” and “Live Fearless,” made the New York Times bestseller list, and his most recent release is “LIVE: remain alive, be alive at a specified time, have an exciting or fulfilling life “

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